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This truly could set precedent for the new century.

That's a pretty wide scope for a book. I'd write a book about something else. Like a story about a hacker that gets caught up stealing information from megacorporations. Then in the background of the story you see the wealthy consolidating power and climate change happening. That'd be easier than writing a straight up story about wealthy consolidating power.

I don't even see how telepathy/twin-thought could be explained by quantum mechanics. I mean...I'm no physicist, but I don't see an explanation there. Electrons in two peoples brains are entangled so they think the same thoughts? That's not how your brain works. Everyone's neural patters are different. Flipping one electron's spin in one atom of one molecule of one neuron isn't going to make you suddenly read someone's mind. I think people aren't appreciating how complex this is.

Armchair theoretical physicist rarely know what they're talking about. It's the same people who espouse ESP and stuff based on quantum entanglement.

Also, they may live for a long time and communicating one sentence could take years. They might perceive time differently.

I agree with this. Whatever institution holds power--peaceful protests fit within their narrative. Only by causing instability or radical departures from the institutionalized system will change happen.

Reminds me of Cowboy Junkies.

Wow, i haven't listened to this is so long.

I realize I'm quite early on this.

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