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Other than migraines I've never had too much of an issue. Never even broken a bone.

Well, I have had a few other things. Something that wasn't strep throat but might as well have been (so the doctor said) that caused enough pain that I had to get a codeine-based cough syrup so I could swallow. And appendicitis. But nothing tops migraines.

Mine? Anxiety, I guess? Or rather...

I have... issues... making decisions. Or rather, I have issues classifying the importance of decisions. Choosing where to go to University for me was easier than figuring out what to do for supper.

If I know something is important, a) people don't tend to rush me on it and b) it tends to be something where there are clear differences between the options, and a clear way of judging what option is best. But when it's something that is probably not important, but needs to be decided in a timely manner... Issues ensue. Of the looking shellshocked variety.

So, with something like choosing where to go to University? I can sit down and go over all the options, compare, and eliminate options until I get to the choice that was the best for me at the time. And even if it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world, as my decision was justified at the time - worse comes to worse I know what I missed last time.

But with something like "What shall we have for supper"... I get paralyzed. Too many options, and no clear value function - no clear way to judge what is better, no clear way to justify my choice. And something that probably isn't important, but there's that nagging "what if". What if there was something in the fridge that needed to be used up. What if I add something to supper that makes it awful. What if I mess up cooking something and someone gets sick. Etc.

Although, amusingly enough, I have no issues with baking. Probably because with baking you're expected to (mostly) follow a recipe, and you're expected to have everything in the house. Same reason why I don't have much of an issue with following a recipe that someone has picked out.

(I'm focusing on cooking here, but it's not just cooking. That's just the first example that comes to mind.)

I meant don't run Javascript by default (NoScript, HTTPStatusboard, any of a number of options for doing this) - AdBlock only blocks based on a blacklist, which makes it useless against a lot of things.

It's like purely virus database-based antivirus. It will protect you against old exploits, hopefully, but it won't do anything against a zeroday.

Or, alternatively, just don't run the Javascript in the first place.

Or occasionally, the lurkers lurk because a poweruser on the site has blocked them which means that it is hard for them to comment on things.

That's why it didn't do anything. Thanks.

That is disappointing.

YetAnotherAccount  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Muting in personal life

If you're at a party and you demand that no-one speak to the person you don't like, that's not exactly reasonable.

YetAnotherAccount  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Muting in personal life

Not just you.

YetAnotherAccount  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Muting in personal life

Muting is not an analog to what you're describing here.

That is, unless you start demanding that random people on the street not converse with the person you don't like.

Works for me.

Naming things is a hard problem, and one I personally don't even try to figure out.

Have a showdead option in the users profile.

Off -> don't display any of the tree.

On -> display the full tree, but with any comments by the muted user in a font color with less contrast

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