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I took it in much the same way. More a nutritional supplement than a complete food replacement, at least for me. I could see myself still eating once or twice a day just cause I view food and cooking as more of a hobby than anything.

Self sustaining(utility wise) beach in the front forest in the back. Lots of natural light but also built into the side of a hill for great insulation.

Lots of french fries from scratch about every other day, potatoes are the staple where I am at the moment, in fact I'm going to go start peeling right now.

I am originally from California, about and hour outside LA without traffic. I'm staying in a small town in the northeast with my girlfriends family. We came out here to deal with things related to the death of her grandfather on her mothers side.

It has been like nothing I've ever experienced, having spent a month here, I've definitely acquired a new found appreciation for the simplicity of life that I have had the opportunity to observe as well as be a part of. Also the natural beauty of this place is for lack of a better word awesome. Finally I've had to shut my mouth and listen for the first time in a long time which is in itself a humbling experience.

Not to mention the food and beer is as good as it is cheap always a plus.

Hubskinator  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you doing right now?

Just woke up in a foriegn country and the water is shut off. Wouldn't mind a shower and some hot tea.

Last year I started playing stringed instruments, guitar and eventually ukulele, not that receant I know but I fell in love. More receantly I travelled to Slovakia, my first time crossing the pond, a real culture shock but I'm enjoying the simplicity and I'm still here.