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Andorra  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Ask Hubski: Where are you from?

I'm from Chapel Hill, NC (close to you, thenewgreen!)

Went to college in Asheville (Beer City USA!)

And now I'm living on Java, in Indonesia.

I took the last picture myself. There are some really wonderful views here!

I've never been to Europe... I'd really like to go there someday

I'd say this experience is worth it! and not just for the weddings.

I'm left handed... it's been tough

Well, their weddings are very different. Lots of music and dance and very intricate costumes. I've been to... 3 weddings so far. For the party afterwards they block off the street and play music very loudly until nighttime. Also their traditional fabric (batik) is very beautiful and commonly worn. One tradition that takes some getting used to though is the lack of toilet paper... they use the left hand instead, which is why it's very impolite to use your left hand when greeting, giving or taking things, and if you eat with it they'll look at you funny.

I'm newer than you! I've only been teaching almost 4 months, although I've been here about 6 months if you include training. I majored in Psychology... I guess what I'm doing is pretty unrelated to my major, but I guess I'm in the same boat as you - not really many jobs for a psych graduate.

Ok, I'll definitely make a post if it works out! (and maybe even if it doesn't)

It's a lot easier to learn the language if you move to the country and nobody can speak English! I have to practice every day just communicating with people. If you want to learn a new language in your home country, I would suggest practicing every day... maybe setting aside 10-30 minutes for it. If possible set up skype or something similar with a native speaker to see what the language really sounds like.

Indonesia is a great place! It's very beautiful here and the people are very friendly. They love foreigners... I feel like a celebrity wherever I go. Also, the culture is very different from the USA and they have some awesome traditions. Unfortunately is is a pretty poor country (which is why I'm a volunteer) but it's definitely worth seeing. There is lots of awesome history here, it's super cool.

I'm a volunteer, so I needed a degree and 30+ hours of ESL experience, and I was trained when I got here. I also needed a good amount of volunteer experience in other places. I imagine you need more training if you want to actually get paid, but then you'd want to work somewhere like Korea or Japan, not Indonesia (they can't really afford to pay you).

That looks delicious! I can't really get many different types of flour here, do you think that will be a problem since the recipe calls for 2 different types of flour?

No, I teach in Indonesia

I'm teaching English overseas. It's a really tough job but I love it! The kids I teach are awesome and I think that I can make a difference here. The people I have met are very friendly and welcoming, and I love travelling and seeing new cultures. OP, what's your job?