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Definitely getting this game, looks very good. I love the incorporation of the light world/dark world returning, and utilized very well it seems!

Well, since you're from the USA, I'll just say if you do, watch out for the drunk 18 year old guys and, if you go into Britain, watch out for the chavs/delinquents.

Skipppy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Any tips for drawing?

it may not help too much, but another person said this to me and it really stuck: "Draw what you see, not what you expect"

Yeah! You're lucky, the only other country I've been to, outside of England, is Ireland and France. France was a day trip :c

:( But hey, must be worth it for the awesome party-weddings!

Wow, sounds like the wedding are seriously awesome. And with the left hand idea, I'm right handed anyway, so I guess I'd be fine with that. But god, sounds seriously awesome!

Thanks (for the tips)! So what are some of the traditions over there?

The band sounds awesome, and the animation was really good. Maybe you could incorporate your own music into your animations?

Sounds awesome, I guess you've got university basically planned out?

Alright, I guess chilled wasn't the right word to use, still not sure when I meant really. But still, it's awesome you've been able to do all this.

It is a start, I'd say to stick to subjects or hobbies that you really enjoy for a clue.

It seriously sounds like you've hit jackpot with your job, which famous people have you been able to meet through your career?

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