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BestOf2013: Best Good (Long) Reads You Probably Missed

A Death in Valdosta by scrimetime

The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage by b_b

All Is Fair in Love and Twitter by forwardslash

The Girl Who Turned to Bone by zebra2

The Tragedy of Area 51's "Cammo Dudes" by kleinbl00

The Serial Killer Who Fed His Victims To Alligators - The Butcher of Elmendorf by _refugee_

Breaking the rules, as it's from two years ago, but still one of my favorite stories:

Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo - And Then to Iraq by mk


Also, as far as a comment taken out of context goes, this one oughta win something:

"Don't forget baby penis." by JTHipster

doesntgolf 524 days ago   ·   link

And for the hell of it/because I'm bored, here they are in the new list format. And now I will read through them. Thanks insomniasexx!

humanodon 524 days ago   ·   link

Huh. That is kind of handy.

zebra2 524 days ago   ·   link

One of my favorite tags. I hope good stuff keeps coming through.

I also recall some stuff in the #mystery tag that could have also been #goodlongread material. I think the #mystery tag in general should get some more love.

_refugee_ 524 days ago   ·   link

That serial killer is a pretty one guys, tbh. (Look. I like serial killers.) Checking out the others. Some I'd seen, some not. One about Twitter! Oh god! I'll be here all day.

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