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40 year old guy who migrated to after walking away from reddit - contingat stercore and all that, but in fairness, hubski is better anyway, so I ain't gonna miss the old haunt.

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Ok, you must appreciate that I'm older than I feel, so some of these might very well put some of the "younger" generation off :)

Matt Monro - And you smiled; The Archies - Sugar Sugar; Johnny Cash - Walk the line; Conway Twitty - You've never been this far before; Val Doonican - Delaney's Donkey; Tommy Cooper - Don't jump off the roof, Dad; Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven; Pink Floyd - Brick in the wall; David Bowie - China Girl; Blondie - Heart of glass; Europe - Rock the Night; Europe - Final Countdown :-

I'm going to stop there, because not being American, I have no idea how far $100 would stretch when buying vinyl. That should give you a good taste of (my) musical likings.

And my migration to is complete - along with my final thoughts on the old place.

Don't read that if you are easily offended by obscenity. They are my actual thoughts, and uncensored. Hello hubski and my clean new life away from idiocy!!! :D

Hi mk. I think I scored on this one. This looks to be the problem; Chrome is looking at your interface and trying to zoom on your text and content. I found a setting for accessibility which has a checkbox: "Force zoom override - override a website's request to zoom in."

I checked that box, and set my text size to 75% and reloaded your website. The result of which is that the interface has returned to the correct size. I'm not sure whether this is your website failing to respond correctly to an accessible content request or whether this is chrome failing to render the site correctly.

Hubski. Not a bit like Reddit. We're fun!

How about, "we're not a refuge from reddit, but you're welcome to join us anyway - we'd be glad to have you."

Came from reddit as many others obviously have done. A recent change by the administration of the site has rendered large parts of it utterly useless and more to the point, the change was absolutely unnecessary.

I am recommending your site to everyone I am discussing this with throughout the site, in the last few days of preparation before I delete my account.

Regardless of the outcome there, I will be fully migrating to hubski shortly.

walkingbush  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How many of you are ex redditors?

Amen to that! The badmins just learned that when the manure impacts the air circulation device, things can go downhill in a heartbeat.

walkingbush  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How many of you are ex redditors?

Me! Redditor gone mad and very vocal critic of the administration there. I can see your userbase booming over the next few days! Reddit is falling apart like a badly made flatpacked table, and you're gonna benefit from it big time :)