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Hey, thanks for playing :) I'll look into the spacebar thing. One of the downsides to webdev and being poor is not being able to test on every device, haha. One day!

To answer your questions, we (2-person team) will be making even smaller webgames in the future (rotopo plus its engine took us around 6 months), hoping something sticks for long enough to power us through making a webgame that isn't so traditionally attritional and casual. As for where they get played, anywhere would be great. There's (obviously) the game's homepage but we're always looking to get featured on any of those webgame aggregator sites too.

This is definitely a problem I keep on hearing more and more frequently about. Many, many people just can't afford to isolate themselves from the world around them for very long stretches, which is what the setup and fantasy of VR suggests.

As I get older I find that I spend less and less time marathoning games or being able to at all without needing to get up or check my phone or respond to emails or finish cooking or whatever else video games have traditionally not been so demanding to ignore just by the virtue that we can easily put down a controller and walk away.

I think if VR's going to stay, it needs to have some real-life integration - some way to view your phone, a way to browse the web easily, maybe even a way to work within the space - instead of being a totally confined, singular gaming experience.