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I too think of you more that you know. And I am sometimes pleasantly surprised that others think of me more that I know. On December 25th I received a phone call from a friend with whom I had a "falling out" several years ago. I have often thought of him over those years and, when the fall out was fresh, I tried unsuccessfully to effect a reconciliation. In the end, I had to let it be even though I continue to think of him often. Well he had been thinking of me more than I knew and decided, on December 25th, it was time to tell me.

Thank you, Lil, for following up on Dr. Kohl's claims re goal setting. My guess is most of us have numerous goals. Many are likely to be somewhat trivial. For example, my goal today is to do what I can to avoid the unbearable heat and humidity which has settled over most of Eastern Canada and the USA. Many are unstated: living a rewarding and fulfilling life. spending time with my friends, sharing quality time with my lover, reading a good book, seeing an insightful film, listening to an accomplished string quartet (as I did last weekend at the Elora Music Festival). These two are goals which define us.