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Please see my response above.

Hi there, thanks for sharing Tenta! My name is Jesse, one of the cofounders of Tenta. So your main question is an issue of trust that all new privacy-focused companies need to earn. We are doing that in a few ways. One is to open source key security components of our code, such as the github link you shared for Tenta DNS. The browser engine is open source already. But most people don't have time to review a ton of code, so third party audits and customer feedback is the second way we're working to build trust. For example, the Tenta DNS repo already has close to 1000 favorites by fellow developers and they're providing great feedback. In the Play Store, we're proud to say we have a 4.2 star rating out of 870+ reviews. Third is to work with reputable organizations such as the (we just announced today direct integration with HTTPS Everywhere.

Regarding your second question on why other browser haven't implemented these features. DNS over TLS only recently became a standardized protocol, so the big browsers simply move slower to change. But the main reason why the mainstream browsers don't offer the same features as us comes down to their business model. They are essentially in the advertising business, so they need to collect user data to make money. The features we offer by default break that model. We take a fundamentally different approach. We don't care about ads. Our business model is protecting user data. The built-in VPN is always free and unlimited to use in-browser, but if you want to expand your VPN service to all apps on other devices then we have a simple monthly subscription.

I hope that answers most of your questions, but happy to address any others.

Thanks again for taking an interest!