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Great stuff! Yes, the fact that the only person you compete against in parkour is yourself, both mentally and physically, is a fantastic thing. It also makes for awesome collaborative communities, so its definitely worth checking out whether there are training groups near you.

Yea, by all means! I would love to help in any way I can.

Great list! I still have to make my resolutions. Thanks thenewgreen for the mention! speeding_snail , I would say number 4 is the easiest on the list! XD Honestly, Parkour is the easiest discipline in the world to begin training. All you need is some tennis shoes, a desire to learn, and some common sense. has some good tips for starting out.

Your pull ups, chin ups and muscle ups should help you out a lot in parkour! Best of luck friend!

Definitely! The best thing about parkour is that anyone can do it. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes and some common sense, and you're good to go!

Glad you liked it! Thanks so much for taking the time to read it! Yeah, I felt really clever when I came up with that line :P But it really does sum up a lot about parkour.

I'm glad you liked it! You definitely don't need a gym to start. In fact, a lot of parkour athletes discourage people from regularly training in gyms because parkour is meant to take place in the environment around you. I know some parkour gyms offer courses, but those are sort of a luxury rather than a requirement for starting. All you need is a couple of curbs, railings, or whatever you can find to start learning some moves.

As for a group, a lot of people get started by themselves, just by going out there! It's a good idea to find at least one other friend to train with so you can learn together. Check out to learn some basic moves. Find safe places to practice each move. For instance, the roll can be done on some soft grass. The precision jump can be done from curb to curb, or even on sidewalk lines!

Oops! Thanks for that! :)

That's a great article! Yeah, parkour definitely gives you a feeling like nothing else, and the community is really fun-loving and energetic! I did the same thing when I was a kid. :) It's great to be able to stay in touch with that side of yourself, and parkour is a perfect way to do that! I'm going to submit a post to my parkour article now. Hope you enjoy it!

Interesting insights, guys! I personally feel that having an official language in the USA would be a great step forward. It's not that one language is better than others, but Americans should be able to communicate and share ideas easily. When we don't understand each other, it creates isolated groups.

I've written one article on parkour, geared towards women, and I'm in the process of publishing another :) I love writing about it, and there are too few resources out there for the amount of interest in the discipline!