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I post only stuff from, because that's my site. On reddit, they demand that I have to post other articles from other sites -- but why should I do that. So I stopped to post my stuff on reddit and moved to Hubski. I don't see why that should be tagged as spam. All articles on are free, it isn't a commercial site, you don't have to got there ... If Hubski would tag my site as spam, I would stop immediate to post anything here. I don't know if a overenthusiastic tagging of spam really serves the community in sharing their content.

Thank you for the link to the NYT article.

You are right -- to have the same religion is not enough. Because of the cooperation of the House of Saud with the US, IS sees them as traitor and as illegitimate rulers of the territory called Saudi Arabia. I guess IS even wouldn't recognize Saudi Arabia as a state because all the demarcation in the Middle East were made with the involvement of foreign powers (especially the Brits).

There is another article on my blog, which could be interesting for you: Chad M. Pillai, "The Devil’s Bargain: Wahhabism, Foreigners, & Power", 17.04.2015,

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