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i would if i had the chance talk to someone i nver had the courage to and yet i still want to.i keep procastinating it over and over and yet nver seem to muster up the courage to talk to the one who grabs the skidding slide of my interest. i just stand afar and gaze at her and try to comtent with it. yet greed it all i am left with. for once if i ever did really had it in me or just the (idk what ) (if i ever ran out of excuses to lie off then maybe for once id confront her) and above all. just a real conversation with someone.


pupooroo  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why I Can't Get Started . . .

The two don't even overlap and yet they coincide with such a depth that it shallows out every other aspect of our consideration. the struggle of the latter occupying it all isnt an issue rther the one that it never indulges with the former and we never yet know where which occupies us and then never to be defined by any. if the latter was too important to bother us then why it never overtook the former and then why is never evn there. the fault seems to be even classifying them as former and latter when they both constitute the same being.

if everthing was ever to be the first then we would never have the rest of the counting and sure (never have reached infinity) but since we have signifies that theyre is much more than what we seem to focus on.

(wasnt much related to it..still.)