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That's a good point, and that is basically how we left it at the end of the discussion. I called it a race, and he called it a run. But I really do think that if we only consider our merits with respect to other people's abilities, we will constantly be dissatisfied with our own performance. By racing to beat my own PR, and to my best ability, I finished satisfied with my performance rather than disappointed.

Also, so far I've enjoyed reading the discussion on Hubski, and the responses to my pst here have been thought provoking and helpful!

No, many times I go out and run, with very little consideration for how far or fast I am going, but just putting miles on because it feels good. Many times during training runs I do short sprint type drills, to work on speed or strength.

Most of my days running, I set a pace that is comfortable, but pushing my limits. On a good day, I may finish training to find out my average pace was faster than usual; on a bad day, slower. I don't consider this racing. It is training, learning your body and what works, what doesn't, what feels good, what helps, etc.

This is very different from signing up for a specific certified distance and monitoring my pace throughout the race to achieve a personal record for that distance.

Thanks, I tend to agree. That I was proud of my accomplishments, and that I know how hard I worked is enough. And the feel of a race IS different. As you said, I too push myself to pass other runners, and increase rather than decrease my pace as I progress.

That a friend would belittle the feelings of achievement I had bothered me enough to seek an objective opinion, but now I think maybe from his vantage point on the sidelines it wasn't so much about belittling my accomplishment as it was about making himself feel better for not trying.

Either way, I appreciate your input :) And thanks for the welcome, I have already found several interesting discussions here on Hubski I look forward to joining the community!