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I guess I have two different answers to this. Ideally I'm a libertarian socialist, or an anarchist. To be clear anarchism isn't the absence of structure or order, it's just the absence of hierarchies. I think most people can agree that a truly just society doesn't have anyone who is worth more to society than anyone else. An anarchist work place would have no bosses, just a group of people working together to achieve their goals. My favorite example of this is probably MST (landless workers movement) in Brazil. They have co-operations with groups of families built off the traditional family structures.

However, for this type of libertarianism to be successful you can't just abolish government. If you do then you essentially hand all the power to the corporations. If that happens then the quality of life in whatever society you're any would just bottom out. Russia essentially has this type of society, where they are ruled by an aristocracy. Ironic that the center of communism has become the embodiment of capitalism, although I guess you could argue that it was never properly communist.

Anyway, I guess realistically I'm in favor of socialism right now. I don't think our society is well prepared for a straight transition into libertarianism, and I know we aren't ready for it economically. If we could rebuild the damage that a neoliberal system has done to communities and return to "moral economies" then I think we could transition into libertarianism, or anarchism. It's just getting there that's the hard part.