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hcf  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's your favorite distro?

I also run Arch, after trying many different distributions. I agree with the negative aspects of each distribution you outlined. Additionally to your comment I would like to emphasize some of the most important advantages of using Arch:

* No unwanted bloatware

* Exceptional and comprehensive wiki: Almost every problem I ever encountered could be solved by following steps of the archwiki

* AUR (Arch User Repository): Provides almost every unofficial package I ever needed. Usually it is well maintained, but packages may require some minor modification. However I still find this to be less effort than building packages manually

Still, for my servers I prefer Ubuntu/Debian for stability and ease of setup.

Also, for some of my family and friends, who do not really care what operating system they use, I used to install Linux Mint. Most of them are not too proficient with using computers, but they actually find it easier to use Linux Mint than using Windows. In addition they do not seem to accidentally break their installation as frequently as they "broke" Windows. I should also note that I have nothing against using Windows as a operating system. I only preferred Linux Mint for easier maintenance.

I am surrounded by various people almost at all times.

Some of them I love: my girlfriend, my family. I also have a pretty active circle of friends and we meet a lot and generally have a good time. I also really much appreciate all my colleagues and I get along with most of them just fine. Generally a good time!

Some of the people I am indifferent about: Strangers I meet everyday, but really have to little time or energy to really interact with.

However, I prefer the pieces of art to have none of the above. I prefer natural landscapes, with possible animal life included. However seeing civilization or even persons is a instant turnoff for me. Additionally to simple landscapes I am strongly affected by the theme of the art. Almost all day I have to think and work categorically and systematically. What is possible? What can be done? I immediately discard unlikely events/approaches/... . In contrast to this I appreciate the unlikely and a special kind of untested fantasy.

So to summarize my favorite pieces of art most of the time are either (imaginary) landscapes or surrealistic paintings (for example DalĂ­). Viewing some art in those categories is just generally soothing to me, thinking that just maybe even the unlikely may be possible...