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And you think that's a noble goal? I understand that the sentiment is positive in the context of feminism, but the implications of eliminating instinct in favor of purely critical thinking are chilling given a broader view. That's a theme in a good number of dystopian scifi works. And, unfortunately, it's hard to implement a mode of operation like that in select aspects of one's life. I sympathize with the feminist cause to an extent, but I think the movement would be best served if it focused on pragmatic, quantifiable issues. I don't think feminism fares well on anthropological and biological grounds, and the way to avoid that is to not make broad statements indicting human nature such as the one b_b referenced.

That's not a universal goal.

It's worth noting that ~3000 people died in 9/11, and the style and spectacle of the attack was unprecedented, at least for Americans. I wasn't glued to Boston coverage. I only kept up with it to the extent that I peruse the news daily. I was too young to really follow 9/11 coverage (10 years old), but I imagine if it happened tomorrow, I'd be much more interested in following developments than I was with Boston.