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It's clearly an anarchist site, not a conspiracy site, with every article there either being about world politics or anarchist theory, and the article links exclusively to mainstream media outlets as sources (The Guardian, NTV News, ABC News, Indymedia), so I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, unless it's the old "all non-capitalist world views must be crushed" rhetoric, in which case, I'm wasting my breath.

As for the phrase 'dangerous ideas', that sounds very much like a baseless conspiracy theory to me. All anarchist viewpoints are considered dangerous by the establishment political order. Don't be a reactionary all your life.

How annoying would it be if I, as an anarchist, posted on every capitalist, statist biased article (so, 99.9% of all articles) complaining of 'conspiracy' and 'clickbait'? It's a well written, well sourced article with a refreshing anti-establishment viewpoint and the Guardian article you suggested I link to is only part of a much bigger story.

I guess you'd rather live in a world where only big conglomerate media outlets were able to write articles and indie journalism was banned?