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I just got done watching the original dub of Ghost Stories. The show was sent over for dubbing but because literally no one cared the voice actors were told they could do whatever they wanted as long as they kept the basic plots. It's amazing. One of the characters is inexplicably jewish. Eventually, towards the last few episodes, all caution is thrown to the wind because the jokes are much raunchier and they are a lot more explicit. The fourth wall is constantly being broken. The english dub was retranslated into Japanese and had a pretty good reception over there, too. Currently I'm reading Uzumaki by Junji Ito. He did Amigara Fault (drr drr drrr). Uzumaki is filled with tons of disturbing imagery having to do with spirals. Nothing too graphic, just weird and a little gross. It's pretty great.

The last part of the article makes Lovecraft sound as though he wanted fame, but mostly he just seemed to be escaping in to his imagination. I'm sort of glad he's dead. Meeting him would probably be the most underwhelming and disappointing thing to a young female minority.