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Parov Stelar has a lot of great music.

Didn't mean to put opened, I'm on mobile.

good to see that youtube isn't all garbage.

here's something for you. [Alternative] "Very Busy People" - The Limousines

Bingo. Apparently this is his first year teaching Oceanography after years of teaching marine biology. He told me about it being an affront to his beliefs. He got a biology degree. when I asked him if hes ever had to teach evolution, he told me that he's "fortunate that he hasn't been required to".

I met the dean during my lunch break to ask why he's still teaching with those beliefs. He tells me that he was specifically chosen to teach for students that have a strong faith in creationism (I guess after enough letters from angered parents, he would have to answer their demands?).

I realized on my way home that i should have asked why i was in that class. My parents believe in evolution, so that makes it really bizarre.

About Ring Of Fire, Mid Atlantic Ridge, and the Hawaii islands, he says that they are unscientific and a creation of god.

i could try to ask him, when a student started flinging evidence, he replied "you need to understand that all of that is utter bullshit".