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I made a shitty, low quality Python Fibonacci sequencer with a semi-awful tkinter GUI that I truly believe made Satan turn over in his lava bed.

I deleted it immediately and have decided Javascript is the way for me. :P

One of the many perks of using *nix is that beautiful sudo command. <3

ad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Thank sounds_sound for the new badge.

I like the new design decisions!

The site is looking better every day. :)

ad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: An open letter to the hubski admins.

It's odd to think that we're only a community of 5000. On Reddit I rarely feel the impression(other than when the god damn servers go down) that there are literally ~100,000 people browsing along with myself. I think it has to do with:

1. Tighter community.

2. Active Users. I'm not sure I've seen a more active community for its' size. Of course, that might be a little bit more easy for me to see, considering the site is based around power users.

No - Both would have to much to lose, image wise, and economically for China, were it to get excessive, and Japan can't even wage a proper war, as per Article 9 of their constitution.

I think it says a lot about a company and its' goals when a single artist can come up with a more compelling marketing scheme than the 200B company could.

Although I could be prejudiced in the matter, as I am currently typing this from Xubuntu 13.04.

This is actually jQuery, I think, not Javascript, but I could be wrong.(Semi-hard to differentiate them, considering I've never used jQuery.)

But, I'd suggest that you head over to any of these links:

CodeAcademy - Do the JavaScript, Web Developement, and jQuery courses they have. I also suggest Python for backend stuff, but that's just me.

CSSDeck - This is a wonderful place to see tutorials on things. They even have a few courses(though not yet complete) that I've found to be OK.

Udacity WebDev course - A Reddit co-founder teaches this. Very good.

A bit of other advice: /r/Learnprogramming and the subsequent programming language subreddits are superb resources, no matter your opinion of Reddit. They're all filled with kind, knowledgeable people, who are more than willing to give a newbie some help.

Good luck! I've got a semi-decent repository of links for stuff like this, so just reply back if you need anymore.

An easy thing to find out, but if mk doesn't know, I'd just like to inform. :)

ad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The End of Courtship?

This article comes off as if a teenage girl, just out and into the dating scene, realizes that the world isn't made up of:

>Dinner at a romantic new bistro

To be honest, I don't see the downfall of hanging out with somebody because you're furthering the relationship. You also get one big advantage in hanging out with his friends: You see him as a normal person, in a normal social setting. Normal. Not feeling pressured to perform a dazzling act to some random girl he asked out in a romantic bistro, which in itself is sending messages that a women might perceive as creepy/needy.

If you honestly have some sort of issue with hanging out with someone for a few hours, and want to go spend money on food, and perhaps talk for 30 minutes, tell the person that. How in fucking hell is he supposed to know what you do and don't want to do? Thinking something isn't the same as telling someone something. Perhaps if this article was based on the fact that guys flat out refuse to go on "legitimate" dates, then I'd be fine with this view point, but it's not. I, as a man, would be perfectly fine doing either. It even says this:

>“I don’t like to take girls out. I like to have them join in on what I’m doing — going to an event, a concert.”

Going to an event or concert is a date. It's going out to do something with her, no? Even if it's being done with or without her, you're still doing:

1. Buying her a ticket to come

2. Spending time together

So I can't really see the reason to complain. While it may not be the most intimate way of communicating, it's still communication. I'd even argue that it's better, since dinner and a movie isn't an accurate depiction of your entire life. Hanging out, talking, watching TV, etc, all combined, are.

God this article is dumb. If a woman honestly wants something out a relationship, don't fuck the person, say something.

ad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to hubski!

Wonderfully written - Thanks for the contribution. Truth be told, I, a lurker of six months,(and an account-haver of a month or so,) learned a thing or two from this.

Followed. :D

ad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is your vision of the future?

Where most/all people have a decent understanding of the Universe - from QM and GR to Dual Booting your Laptop. Where people no longer identify people based on race, and all assumptions made with race, but on what a person actually is, and judge them fairly in a worldly context, rather than an isolated one. A place where Science and Mathematics are both as easy to learn and accessible as History, Literature. Where people are happy and outgoing, but not happy based on other peoples measurement of happy, and not a place where outgoing necessarily means overly social/involved. A place where Science news competes for headlines and news times across the world with sports and politics. A place where Hubski has subhubs so I can call them subhubs, and not have to search a tag to find posts like this one.

The last one I hold more dear than the others, though.

ad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How many of you use Coursera?

CodeAcademy would be a good place to look if you were considering anything related to CompSci. :D

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