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UV Gullas College of Medicine MBBS in Philippine:

                               My Child Hood Ambition was to become a Doctor but Since My NEET Score was very Low I couldn’t Enter into desired College. I tried my Best to get Admission in India But Financially we couldn’t Afford. Then one of My Relative   told me about UV GULLAS MEDICAL COLLEGE which is in Philippines. The Fees structure of this College was into my Budget and overall the Education Quality was also very Good with best infra Structures. I had very good review about this College Especially Regarding MBBS studies. This was Dream come true Opportunity for me. Without any Hesitation I Decided and got Enrolled too.   Now I am doing my 2nd year MD. The Faculties are very well experienced and they give their best while teaching us. They make sure we understand each and every concept. I love the hostel and all the Facilities which are given in it. The Hostel food is really Tasty and Healthy. The Staffs are very friendly and very supportive too. I am glad I made the best choice of joining UV Gullas Medical College for MBBS in Philippines. Second best part of studying in Philippines is USA education pattern. This provides you the opportunity to get into USA. In UV Gullas College we were given special coaching before appearing for NMAT Exam, which helped me to get through and enter into MD.  The college is in Cebu City which is safest place for any student. When I left India I was bit Scared of how the people and the environment is going to be but now I know it’s like Second Home.