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Husband, dad of twins, love life, love working on things with my kids, love to watch them grow with amazing experiences in life. I'm committed to one person. Love God, love sports, love play just about any sport, like to make friends on social media, love to get other peoples opinions, love to grow in others shared thoughts.

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Well I'm going to do some searching during my lunch breaks this week to find out more in this world of hubski, everyone has been super cool.

Filtered or if I'm cleansing then distilled water.

The thing I could improve upon or eliminate is TV.

I'm setting new goals, learning new things, building friendships, motivating myself to become better each day. Always looking to be inspired by others knowledge.

Thanks for the quick references I'll check them out.

I'm lost already. :) I drink a lot of water

Oh cool I didn't know you could change your hubski desktop I'll have to try this. Thanks!