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The Catholic belief in transubstantiation -- that the bread and wine of the Eucharist literally becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ -- is demonstrably false, unless you change the commonly accepted meanings of the words "body" and "blood." In any sense outside of theology and ritual it is a false statement. Doesn't change their belief. Doesn't even mean that you're denigrating Catholics if you're willing to accept faith as a virtue in its own right.

Astrology makes potentially testable claims. Those claims have never stood up to examination. Therefore, outside of limited spiritual senses (which do not promise testable results), it is a false belief.

PanTardovski  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Never Never Gawker Ever

Not to defend Gawker but Carr is happily stretching some facts to make sure he gets his punchline, specifically this comment from one of the former interns in the depositions:

    I explain later in my statement how the initial internship helped kick off my career and taught me valuable lessons regarding the industry and how to be a professional... In other words, I actually enjoyed my time at Gawker Media