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99%. Mostly because I'm an empty husk of a person who most likely has been suffering from depression since as early as five years old.

But details.

Thanks for tagging me - but if it's happening in Toronto, I can't attend. Sorry.

Killerhurtz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Do you believe in free will?

Thank you for summing up exactly how I feel about this issue.

It won't. You know it won't. We're all hoping for it - because of all of the repercussions - but there's too much at stake, for the lobbyists, for the DMCA to be stricken down, even though it's an obsolete, atrocious piece of law.

That's a fair point - if they manage to make an energy-neutral or energy-cheap heating system, it may just take off (though I still feel like the temperature it operates at is insane - there will still need to be insulation for the user's sake).

Now we just have to see if it will deliver the promised performance.

Not pretentious. I'm not dissing Apple. That extra 20%, even if the components are identical, is the guarantee that your computer is going to just work. Also, I phrased it completely wrong - I meant it as "it's 120% of the price" - so what I should have said is, "it's 20% more expensive", and so for an equivalent Lenovo machine it would have been in the neighborhood of $1600. Absolutely sorry about that, I'll take the fall on that one.

But your cover of each hardware/OS combo is also pretty damn good.

Problem is, your Mac also was probably about 120% more expensive.

    operates at 178 degrees farenheit

    will need a heating system

...Is this a joke? Do they honestly expect good battery life when the battery needs to heat itself up?

That's without mentioning the extra weight of insulation to avoid the batteries turning the interior of a vehicle into a poaching pot... and the weight of the heating elements.

I don't see this going to many places. Space, maybe?

Killerhurtz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: GNOME 3.18 Released

I'm not. Google likes to sponsor open-source software, IBM is interested in helping the development of what they see as reliable software (and most likely Gnome is a highly compatible interface with the version of Linux/Unix most of their servers run, or is what they recommend as a shell for the OS they offer with the servers they sell) and Intel, IIRC, wants to support Linux gaming (and since Ubuntu has gone corporate with Canonical, Gnome is a good project to back because of it's simplicity of use).

It makes sense, from a business point of view, for these three companies to support Gnome.

This sucks, because I heard that hardware-wise Lenovo laptops held up pretty damn well.

I agree with questioning why happiness is the ultimate moral good. Shouldn't it be minimizing pain? Because let's face it - humans are a fickle, fragile animal. Some of us have physical issues that would, generally, 'lower' the happiness of humanity. But by trying to reduce their pain, it may have an impact.

Isn't most unhappiness caused by either pain or illness anyway?

(Though I have to say - this is one of the reasons philosophy tends to rub me the wrong way - both excerpts tend to much simplify complex problems, and often purposefully turn a blind eye to some rather obvious issues, and some very real situations - like when the piece commented on Somalia)

I expected a "ads are good" bollocks thing.

I'm glad it was a lot more nuanced than that, and the maker of Peace has all of my respect - I can only hope that there's a good ad-blocker that, like he suggested, doesn't hit the ones who don't deserve the hit (like the smaller companies with ads, or the websites which relied on unobtrusive ad revenue to sustain itself).

I also like his commentary - the advertisement business is definitely a war. On one side, we've got advertising companies who try to breach the front to saturate us with product placement to make us buy. On the other, there's us who don't want for anything to become like the TV show in Idiocracy and are tired of ads. I'm hoping that some day there will be a change that will end this (though, to be honest? Old Spice is doing a good job on that, with their actually interesting ads - I'm subscribed to the channel JUST for the antics).

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