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I submitted it to reddit and HN because I wanted more people to use it

What's better about the old version of English, without the bastardizations?

I've been really into the Clark remix album lately. If you haven't heard of Clark, he makes this weird chaotic electronic music, it's pretty wild.

The other new music I've been listening to is ProleteR. They've got this really nice modern french jazz/swing thing going on.

There's a 3D printer that can print circuits on Kickstarter right now. It looks like the Kickstarter version uses two different liquids that mix to create a silver nano particle substrate, which seems kind of expensive. I wonder how long it will be until we see this technology in a 3d printer?

It seems like as the laws get more and more oppressive, the technology to overcome those laws gets more and more cutting edge and less and less accessible to the average citizen. If I was a government who wanted to "beat" technology, I'd concentrate less on banning it and more on making it so cumbersome to use that it would be trivial to keep track of the few people who go through the trouble to do so.