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comment by rene
rene  ·  140 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: And the prompt is [3] CERTAINTY

up and coming and let the thought drop down

drowning just the mighty while you others act like clowns

spitting right as left rotates you never off the ground

grass is greener meditate and hear how fucking loud

the sound of your ego getting off the ground

consider once a family full of feasting the soul was left aground

I've feasted once a many times my eyes were surprised

stupendous was the cause I walked 30 miles

the yaw may break the yoke the maw is but a jaw

even the powerful do choke strength is but a light stroke

the pen beats paper till it drowns in red

I beat paper just to make amends

tears drown out the sky as salty eyes can't see the end of sky

it fuzzes to corn on a night drive

sleep calls but I'm on texts the sex don't last as long as regrets

my turn comes again flip the tune play a friend

that's who I need I'm on my knees thinking why again am I alone

moving motions on the floor I call it patterns we recognize a turn

digitize the spoke an angle brings a cause stemming pause

shrinking cause to say enough for me something's free

but explore the words not one note many chords

harmonizing angel's sword beaming light upon lord rays of light

newton's words stemming from penning and spinning alchemy storms

shaking and rumbling gently stroking quill scratching like barns screeching

a touch of history comes to mind but whats the story I describe

express the feeling come to mind but mind it's not, gut personified

the intestine thinks and liver makes merry

the bladder worries the anus ferries

the sphincter asks who the butt comes in two

and I'm sitting here grinning with the party called tooth

am I too nice is a question I ask

taking others at their word is a dangerous task

I assume good intentions and get condescension

gaslighting is normal I'm dropped in a bottle

to be me is normal and unacceptable

do I live unapologetically or with my family

its easy to say hard to do money just a number but numbers kill too

sticks and stones break my bones but I'm buried six under

sometimes I wonder what's next in life

is it for me or them if not the when do I go zen

or grasp possibility could it really be as freeing as it seems to be

those freaky bees you been seeing be free online just killing time

the number crime shrinking to none like us all in time

so who wins the competition because there's just one way the better way

and judgement cometh from comets cousins or the church

it's public opinion or private gossip lip it check it bop it

ooh wrinkles got me down they wrap the mouth like a frown

why can't they wave feel the breeze let noise be the wind coasting not projecting no cone just sooth

oh my god the fucking word to be free to express no judgement just see everything is a crime

I'm not who you expected is that alright because it doesn't seem to be

my goodness, I'm in, my head