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comment by rene
rene  ·  140 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: And the prompt was, [2]

sitting here falsely tripping over leaves of skin forgetting the while dreaming of this and that over again for the love of another craving swimming juicing feeling scrambling heaping feeling loved and lost another time is building where should I go a frog whisper I stand here dripping toes wide on a wet leaf hair askew with dew on my brow exulted is a word with empty meaning jumping pushes me closer to breathlessness red shock fills me up I spin wondering what a cause may be fantastic is the light sent up but struggle outlines my shadow the need the want the urge my instinct a plague I should overcome the hurt motivation and loss I will define my life and I will die growing flowers is my purpose where is my watering can gentle rain trickling I love but where can I put it intelligently and with care time is cruel everything has its time but the mind a snap is imaginary do live to love or is love imaginary I hurt to know the truth where is my love did it run through my hands in piles of sand covering my toes I sought to make a castle time passed stone crumbled but whats left but seconds in the minute the small doth define our life aren't we small growing in twisted shapes I touched someone once they turned away I touched someone once who was a friend cruelty is simple and loneliness a sin patience is a virtue that brings about the end.