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comment by KapteinB
KapteinB  ·  264 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Brave Introduces Beta of Private Tabs with Tor for Enhanced Privacy while Browsing

I'm surprised they add such a big feature now while they're busy porting the whole project to Chromium. Pretty cool. They neglected to mention one of the great things about Tor though, that it allows you to access web sites blocked by your ISP. This might make Brave popular in countries like China and the UK.

    I've pretty much converted to Brave only on mobile. The desktop version needs a bit more work, but mobile is amazing.

Does it have any cool features on mobile that sets it apart from other browsers? Other than ad-block/HTTPS/payments?

    I'd love to switch to DDG as well. I keep trying every several months.

I've used DuckDuckGo for years now, almost since the Snowden leaks. Search results are almost as good as Google (though not personalised, which has both advantages and disadvantages), and I actually like the UI better. Google doesn't even have infinite scrolling!

There are some other alternatives that might be worth trying as well. Ecosia and StartPage comes to mind.