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comment by thelurkerawakens
thelurkerawakens  ·  841 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Philosophers of Hubski, do you think Justice is a universal constant?

A "Sense of Justice" may well be universal and constant for any social being that forms communities with its peers.

"Justice" itself however is formed from these communities and can only be effective within them with a single sovereign power (Monarch or Constitutional Office (e.g. The President)). For more on this read Hobbes' Leviathan and subsequent enlightenment thinkers.

Therefore it is clear that Justice in our mortal experience is neither constant nor universal as there are many communities with different degrees of justice that are inconsistent with each other.

So effectively your question leads the answer towards concepts that only a Monotheist would argue for, needing a sovereign, omnipotent and eternal power in which Justice could flow in an existence beyond our mortal experience.

Interestingly what came first do we think? Our ideas of Justice or Monotheism?