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comment by couchpillow
couchpillow  ·  1840 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 20, 2016

Life, Work & Health

For all the pondering about motivation and making good choices with food and exercise and good habits I do, I sure as hell have been struggling to stay motivated and productive lately. Not eating the greatest. Not exercising as much as I should. Not sure what exactly is going on, but I've just been, off, the last couple of weeks. Not like depressed or sad. Just, off, a bit. Work has been fine, but kind of slow so I've been getting distracted easily. But because it's been kind of slow and I'm ahead of where I need to be right now, it's not really a big deal. Just kind of leaves you with a lingering sense of being a bit unproductive. But then, in this country, we're so overly obsessed with work and productivity - it's just ridiculous. So I try to just relax and enjoy more.


I've heard some hoopla recently about the second season of Mr. Robot starting up and it peaked my interest. So a few nights ago I began watching the first season. I'm enjoying it, it's a pretty cool and fun show so far. I do need to find a new book to read though. Get myself back away from playing on my phone before bed.


After getting struck with a little inspiration to write a letter/poem to my son for his birthday, I'm seeing that I must also practice what I preach a little more. If writing is something that I enjoy - for whatever the reason - I must be more disciplined to do it instead of waiting for inspiration to strike every few months... or years. The more I just do it on a regular basis, the more comfortable I will get with it and then the more likely I may actually produce more things that I may like to share with others at some point. I have some old poems that I had written years ago that surround a particularly emotional time that I've read back through. I always felt they captured the emotions that I was feeling then particularly well. I've shared one so far on here and may share some others. Here is to hoping that I can continue to write more that I feel worthy of sharing and that others may find some enjoyment in them as well.


If by chance you may be passing through the upstate area of South Carolina, feel free to let me know and I will gladly buy you a brew at a real life pubski. :)

Be well.

caelum19  ·  1836 days ago  ·  link  ·  

That's the third time I've seen Mr.Robot mentioned here including when I mentioned it.

high five