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comment by Bypel
Bypel  ·  2711 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Forum where fallacies are banned

    your counterargument to me is my argument to you

I don't see how.

You said that conclusions from objective facts are not objective.

I pointed out an example of an objective conclusion from an objective fact, thus refuting your point.

    I don't even know what points you're talking about.

They are in the 2nd paragraph of

    Hie thee back to 8chan. (KB)

    I note that you have only replied to 1 of my 3 points. (me)

    See, you're not even thinking this all the way through. (KB)

Can we change to a polite, calm discussion rather one filled with belligerence please (I'll stop if you stop)?

Look, in almost all cases the reason I have discussions is not to 'win' and convince the other of my viewpoint or belief for the sake of it or to make him look silly but rather to help the search for truth if the matter is objective or just to express my point of view if not.