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comment by caeli
caeli  ·  1443 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: November 2nd: What are you reading this week?

Stephen King's new short story collection comes out tomorrow! Anxiously awaiting for its arrival in the mail!!!! I'll edit in my first impressions tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, still chipping away at Les Miserables.

EDIT: Sadly it didn't arrive until last night! Since then though, I've devoured the first half of the stories. Here's my verdict:

The one "horror" story (Mile 81) wasn't great. It was really heavy-handed and then ended abruptly. The ending was pretty meh, it's similar to his earlier endings which are all pretty bad.

The Dune was fantastic and is one of the most King-esque stories in the collection.

Premium Harmony is a drastic departure than his usual style, but is really great.

Ur is another standout, but it's actually been published before (just not in a collection), so I'm not really counting it as "new".