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comment by thewoodenaisle
thewoodenaisle  ·  1664 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Game Theorists Take on Television and Media Bashing Gamers

    I get where Francopoli's coming from, especially because he's a part of the old guard. He was there when games were actually vilified. But I think there isn't much need for that "guard" anymore. EVERYONE plays videogames now, my sister, my parents, my cousins, black people, white people, hispanic people, old people, young people. Straight up, everyone. The only criticism about gaming isn't actually the playing of games, it's "gaming culture" - the one that exists on twitter and tries to ruin the fun for everyone.

Gaming has been mainstream for at least a decade now, if not more. All this butthurt from offended gamers is just so unnecessary. The gamers had already "won." No need to be so butthurt when someone vaguely criticizes their hobby.