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comment by ignorantcollective
ignorantcollective  ·  1261 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What's the Point in Starting

Funny, creativity and illness... I was convinced I was going to be a writer. Growing up, I was convinced I had the talent. I had the ideas, the raw writing ability, the sheer enjoyment of the writing process. And then... Things started going wrong. It never... quite... happened. I was tired all the time. I was finding it hard to concentrate. My ability to 'see' what was happening in my stories, to 'feel' how the plot was going to develop, simply faded away.

Years later I was diagnosed with lupus. The fatigue, the cognitive issues, the pain in my hands, the pain everywhere; lupus. Without understanding it at the time, it cost me a job, a marriage, and my ability to be coherently creative.

I still play around with writing. I still have ideas that if only I could ever find my way through the creative forest to the other side where I could write, "The End", they would be, I think, enjoyable stories.

But, for the most part, I just admire the people who make it work regardless of the adversity.