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comment by wrangler
wrangler  ·  1439 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The modern internet sucks: Bring back Geocities

I think, after you get past all the discussion and argument, that all we're really missing is education. People had fun on the internet because it was new and everyone was equally as shitty at playing with it. Every new technology that has ever been invented from cooking to coding has gone through this transformation.

Let's imagine a situation where a random event has led to the discovery/invention of "Technology." Now people hear about Technology and either they want to play with it or they tinker with it or whatever. So, now "Person" has gotten a hold of it and assuming that he can afford to work/play/tinker with it, he will learn how to use it better/faster/stronger(?) while everyone else goes about their regular lives. Person is now profiting off normal people and everyone can see the wide-ranging capabilities of people from Person all the way down to Granny.

None of this may add to the conversation, but I felt like it was relevant enough and also I'm high.