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comment by Super_Cyan
Super_Cyan  ·  1664 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: So... switching to Linux.

Definitely dual boot. I've used Windows and Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, and Fedora) and I love Linux, but it definitely lacks the ability to be a good gaming environment.

Right now, I have 100 Steam games, and I think only about 30 work on Linux. On top of that, there's a lot of games I have on Origin that won't work either. Sure, I could WINE a lot of them, but I had issues with it in the past and there's and according to this I'm either going to get better or worse performance. Really, I would rather have an experience that's going to be stable, rather than flipping a coin to see if the game is going to run well or not. To just completely cut out Windows is a financial cost to me, because I would be losing hundreds of dollars worth of games.

On top of that, a lot of my hobbies require the use of specific programs that only work on Windows. There's alternatives to them, but, again, I paid money to use them, not to lose them. Plus, I chose them for the way they feel and work. I like Photoshop's UI and features, even though GIMP will do the same. I like Sony Movie Studio, because of its UI and my knowledge of it, even though there's a program on Linux that will replace it. I love customization and control, but they get less and less important when everything else that I like about an OS is gone.

Definitely try Linux and keep an open mind, though. More games are coming to Linux, and hopefully other programs will follow suit. All we can do is support them and hope that a larger market share will bring more WIndows/Mac only stuff over. However, keep Windows for the stuff that isn't there.

Also, do the partition managing from Windows, because it's a bit easier in my experience.