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comment by shanoxilt
shanoxilt  ·  1284 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ZA'O by Djemynai, a Lojban rap album

I don't think that parsed the way you meant it. Check the translation:

.i `.' (1(2pe'u please ko YOU!)2)1 [3«4curmi allow-ing»4 (5[curmi2 (allowed thing(s)) :] lo any/some <6nu event(s) of [7(8[filta'a1 (easy-talk-er(s)??) :] mi I, me)8 [is, does] «9(10na not filta'a easy-talk-er(s)??)10»9]7>6)5]3 .i `.' [11«12krinu being reason(s)»12 (13[krinu1 (reason(s)) :] fa lo any/some <14nu event(s) of [15«16pu zu a long time before jbobau Lojbanic-language(s)??»16 (17[jbobau2 (Lojbanic-use-r(s) of language??) :] mi I, me)17]15>14)13]11

zunpre  ·  1284 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I guess that is appropriate. :)

I'm not sure I see what the mistake is though. To be clear, the intended meaning is:

    Please allow [excuse] that I speak non-fluently. The reason [for it] is that a long time ago [most recently], lojban was a language used by me.