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comment by peacock-patronus

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"You fear the sea with the same fear you have of dark corridors, the night and shadowed places. It is not the sea you fear, it is the unknown.

Man has long been troubled by the unknown. Since the early days, when we stalked the bushes and worried what predator may lay, hidden, near by...watching and waiting. To this day, when you lie awake at night trying to perceive the vastness of space.

This is why man fears death.

However, how would we be changed if Columbus' fear overwhelmed him and he had not ventured away from home? What if Darwin had not sailed the seas to ponder the mysteries of man's past because he was scared? What would have become of us if brave men had not walked the beaches of Normandy?

There is knowledge out there that you will never know unless you find your bravery. There is adventure to be had that will give you more pleasure than any wine or woman could give you. There is a reward waiting for you that can not be measured in weight or value. There is is no shame in fear, but there is pride to be found in courage.

Come, follow me. Into the horizon! Into the night! Into the unknown!"