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comment by InfernalFangirl
InfernalFangirl  ·  2133 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What was the pivotal moment in which you realized you'd gotten old?

I was three years older than the very first intern I trained at my job. I remember thinking it felt really strange that I was supposed to be an expert teaching these kids job skills and I'd only been at it three years longer than them. During the downtime we'd talk about music and TV shows and general celebrity gossip things.

This last May I was shuffling through applicants and realized that the college sophomore I had just interviewed was born the year I graduated high school. I can't be 18 years older than them...there's no way. But then I realized that my role apart from supervisor has changed. I've gone from being the person the same age who was lucky enough to have a full staff position to something of a big sister to "mom" worrying about them when they don't call in and bringing things for the staff fridge so that when they take a long shift they still get a healthy meal rather than a cup of coffee. I guess one day I'll be "work grandma".

That was when it hit me that I'm old and that I'm just going to keep getting older.