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comment by floattank
floattank  ·  2890 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Has anyone used a floatation (isolation) tank?

That's pretty cool to do it for research. Probably a stress related thing.

I actually have used them a lot, just made this to see other people's opinions of them.

The dripping can easily be resolved. I am building a tank at the moment (improving on my last unfinished build, really) and making a slanted roof so the condensation on the roof rolls down to the wall and doesn't splash down.

It's crazy how aware you are though, with feeling such a small amount of water movement. I even feel my heart/pulse moving the water when I'm really, really relaxed.

If anyone else is interested in cost, it's usually anywhere from $30 - 60 an hour. $30 - 40 is a good price IMO. Owning is a whole other deal. DIY builds can be done for under $2000. Commercial tanks sell for $8000 - 100,000