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comment by lightsandcandy
lightsandcandy  ·  1419 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: How to Structure Your Days If You’re Depressed

It seems the elements of this article can be summarized into two parts.

1. Wiggle your big toe.

Or: Success Spirals. Starting small, and feeling successful in small tasks lends momentum to do bigger tasks. "Spirals are deviation-amplifying loops in which the positive, cyclic relationship between perceived efficacy and performance builds upon itself." From the abstract of this article.

Heres a blog post from ZenHabits that also talks about it.

2. Form routines&Habits

Or: Avoid Ego Depletion. Ego depletion is the idea that self control & willpower are limited tanks of gas, and when you run out self control becomes extremely difficult. The other part of this idea is that Autopilot tasks don't take as much willpower, and so take less gas.

Heres the Wikipedia article for ego depletion

Heres a podcast about ego depletion