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comment by rob05c
rob05c  ·  2146 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Abolish the Senate

I agree with the problem; I don't agree with the solution.

Our government is a republic for a reason: direct democracies oppress the minority.

Yes, the reverse is happening. As he says, the Senate

    allows tiny coteries to hold the entire country ransom

The system is broken, and needs fixing. But I don't think direct democracy is the answer. With direct democracy, the 51% can and will oppress the 49%. There must be mechanisms to prevent minority oppression.

The legislature is also designed with State's Rights in mind. The US Republic treats states similarly to nation-states: as individual units, in addition to giving power respective to population (in the House).

I don't agree with "state's rights." I think our nation should be treated as a whole, especially with modern transportation and communication. But nevertheless, in addition to minority races and classes, states also need protection. There must be provisions to prevent New York from oppressing Wyoming.

James Madison's Federalist No. 10 is a great defense of the Republic. The theory doesn't work as ideally in practice, as we're all aware. But it's still a great explanation of the theory.