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comment by rrrrr

Yes, what you are saying reminds me of what Naomi Klein says in her interview in The Guardian. She thinks environmentalists have given capitalism time to address climate change on its own terms, and capitalism has proven that it is incapable of doing so. So environmentalists need to broaden their challenge:

    “It is not like everything is fine except for the problem that the temperature is going up a little bit,” Klein says. “If the only problem with capitalism was this slight temperature increase, we would really be cooked. But the fact is that there are lots of problems with this system, and on top of all of those problems, it is destabilising our planet’s life support system.”

There's a risk of course of alienating supporters of capitalism. But perhaps we have done enough tiptoeing around trying to make an inherently selfish system act unselfishly. The big problem is that everyone has been trained by our current systems to think in an exaggeratedly self-centred way, so that alternatives seem far from reach for each one of us and for society as a whole.

It sounds like Naomi Klein is a bit stuck for answers, but I like the way she doesn't give up and won't allow herself to inflict despair on others.