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comment by Lintel
Lintel  ·  2484 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Creeping Danger of Conspiracy Theorists

That's quite the blanket statement you're supporting there. All conspiracy-theorists are as dumb as a bag of inbred hammers? What's so bizarre about the idea of a conspiracy? We know there's been several in the last decades, propagated by those inpolitical power in order to get what they want. Weapons of mass destruction, anyone? Babies pulled out of incubators, another good one. And don't forget the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which ignited the Vietnam war. All of them never happened. however, the politicians at the time conspired amongst themselves to further their goals.

So anyone seeing or thinking there might be a conspiracy is an idiot? Please think again, think critically and remember that just because you cannot imagine someone conspiring against you or something happening which was planned beforehand, doesn't mean there's not people absolutely willing to lie, steal, cheat and kill in secrecy to attain what they want.