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comment by Laurelai
Laurelai  ·  2774 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Cis feminism is a failure to the trans community

I dont need a book written by a privileged white cis woman to tell me about intersectionality because i live the experience every day of my life. Those books are for you people. The people who dont face multiple axes of oppression, honestly what can this book tell me about my life that I dont already know?

I dismissed her work and your suggestion like i did because you tried to tell someone who lives on multiple axes of oppression to read a book on multiple axes of oppression, i found it a bit insulting and patronizing.

You are more worried about logically constructed arguments than real life pain faced by human beings when people are seldom convinced by logic, they are convinced by emotion and use logic to justify it after the fact.

Im just honest about being motivated by emotion.

This writing was a reaction to the marginalization transgender people face within activism and within the regular everyday world. Where the people who are supposed to be on our side instead show solidarity with the people who want us dead and spend their money trying to keep laws protecting trans women from being passed, or working to repeal existing protections. This wasnt to convince someone on the internet with no vested interest in the situation, this was a war cry to other trans women who know exactly what we face and have seen it too. I dont have to prove it to them using logic because they live it every single day just like i do.

Im speaking truth to power, not writing a scientific paper.

Deal with it.