best of 2014

Happy New Year Hubski!

Thanks to veen for putting together this list and to user-inactivated, user-inactivated, nowaypablo, and lil, for selecting content!

Most of all, thanks to every single Hubski user who to posted, commented, shared, and simply lurked Hubski. Thanks for your outstanding dedication.

Best Posts of 2014 | Full List

What Did Not Happen At Mt. Gox, thenewgreen

The Knowledge, London's Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts Up a Fight in the Age of GPS, galen

On Video Game Reviews (Or Why Bioshock Infinite was the "worst game of the year"), cov

Law in the Raw, b_b

A nematode worm's brain has been mapped, simulated in software & put into a lego robot which now *acts like a worm* 27, ecib

This American Bro: An Ethological Study, flagamuffin

The Creative Universe, theadvancedapes

Ryan Cooper: Free Money for Everyone, mk

HUBSKI: Prologue, eightbitsamurai

The Free Speech Movement at 50: the movement won; free speech lost., NotPhil

The Jean Paul Sartre Cookbook, kleinbl00

Saving Money Costs Money. Period., demure

قلب, meaning 'Heart' is a programming language that uses Arabic strings, beezneez

Willful Ignorance - On the Perception of Race From Someone Too White to Be Black and Too Black to Be White, eightbitsamurai

What your 1st-grade life says about the rest of it, galen

Best Discussions / Debates of 2014 | Full List

Look At This: What Do Homeless Vets Look Like?, thenewgreen

I Went to a Party, eightbitsamurai

Spinoff Discussion: Can human languages vary in effectiveness when communicating specific ideas, feelings, topics, etc., JackTheBandit

Hubski, what're you gonna be when you grow up?, nowaypablo

Editor's blog: I am sexist. Let's talk about how, why, and what I'm doing about it., psulli

Let's do this again: Give an unshared post a second chance., mk

Hubski, What Are Some Of Your Personal (Dating) Relationship Guidelines/Rules?, _refugee_

Mid-2014 Hubski Sticker Voting Thread, insomniasexx

The Philae has landed! (We landed on a comet. +1 for humans), demure

Give me some "SPAM", thenewgreen

What does it mean to forgive?, BLOB_CASTLE

Hubski what is your idealogy? Political, Spiritual, Personal., Loogawa

So, What Do You Do?, insomniasexx

List yer favorite "Great Books" Hubski, kleinbl00

Best Comments / Text Based Posts of 2014 | Full List

On Making Couscous, Complexity

On David Foster Wallace, iammyownrushmore

Effort Ain't Dead, uh_oh

bl00's Reviews #1: "Thinking, Fast and Slow" (AKA "Scubbag Daniel Kahneman"), kleinbl00

Theopolitics in Amurica, theadvancedapes

[Trip Report] Three weeks in Canada, rezzeJ

On Meat-Eating, Meriadoc

On Giving a Fuck, coffeesp00ns

Living with OCD, PeterC

An Ode to the Forgotten, rob05c

On High Standards, _refugee_

Chess: A Story about Five Generations of Chess in My Family, lil

On Israel, kleinbl00