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mknod  ·  2358 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Parkinson's Law of Triviality  ·  

These weird laws and things really need their own coffee table book, I really like them.

I have an axiom o at work that has been deemed "The Serpentine belt axiom" it is named as such because of an experience I once had in which a friend had his car's serpentine belt replaced then blamed everything wrong thereafter on said belt.

"The air conditioning doesn't work" "The speedometer seems off" "The gears don't shift fast enough"

"A solution that is not well understood, will be given for any problem in the hopes that it will be solved in the same manner"

This happens often at work. Usually because people don't have the experience needed to solve problems effectively or the self-reflection to see how much experience was put into a problem, they think was solved trivially (This is not to disparage them, when all you see is the result it can be easy to ignore the work).

For example:

"Well I saw mknod send out an email about xyz so every issue that a customer has is now related to xyz"

My serpentine belt is the xyz, regardless of what xyz I had fixed, people are going to email me for days or weeks thinking I had done something when in fact it was unrelated to anything.

mknod  ·  2530 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Is it time to retire feminism?  ·  

    This is why I've decided to take an approach that aims to completely excise it from the conversation and replace it with a more inclusive system

Feminism is super inclusive, and when I say super inclusive, I mean SUPER inclusive.

And now a few points which I hope help to educate and elucidate your knowledge of feminism.

    “The subject is irritating, especially for women; and it is not new. Enough ink has flowed over the quarrel about feminism; it is now almost over: let’s not talk about it anymore.”

That was written in 1959. By Simone de Beauvoir these ideas are not new, nor are they unexplored. Suggested readings: Ms Beauvoir's "The Second Sex"

    We have to think about why disparities like this exist. Why does a wealthy woman experience less oppression than a poor woman? Why does a wealthy man experience less oppression than a poor man? These differences are so severe that I have trouble considering the other axes of intersectionality before addressing the big one.

Feminism already deals with this and it's extensively covered. Who the hell do you think Emma Goldman was? Suggested reading: Anarchism and Other Essays and Living my Life. If you'd like something more modern, there is an entire field of Feminist Economics devoted to the subject.

    Today’s feminism is inadequate to the task of improving society. It did great work back when the differences between men and women were so blatant, but society has advanced so much, and now the biggest differences are reflected primarily in class and wealth. If I were going to start a social movement to address this new understanding, I would start with tackling class mobility. The Occupy movement is one hell of a start, and I’m keeping an eye on it.

My eyes rolled back so far into my head I could see my back yard. Feminism is not a white middle class phenomenon. It is a world wide issue. The patriarchy is a real societal thing, that feminism tries to deal with.

Quick whats the ratio of male to female world leaders?

What group of people do you think gets blamed for rape in South Asia Unsafe images from the acidviolence website.

I am happy that you are willing to discuss these issues, but I suspect that the reason you get so much vitriol is because you haven't already done your research outside of the context of the internet, if I am wrong then so be it, but you obviously have not been around or talked to the same feminists I have.