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AlderaanDuran  ·  3216 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I Just Watched a Surprising Ad.

Gender roles are just ingrained in some people, not just advertisers, and I think they just cater to that becaue that IS their market. I've even met girls who don't like the idea of a man doing laundry or doing dishes.

One of my fiancees friends apparently made the comment to her over "girls night out" last weekend that she finds it weird that I (the man in the relationship) do the dishes and laundry. It stemmed from my fiancee posting a pic of me doing dishes on Facebook, which most people responded with comments like "Lucky!" and "He's a keeper!"... but two of her girlfriends saw it as a negative, and said it was "weird" and "un-manly". I was honestly kind of shocked to hear this coming from women. Who wouldn't be happy that someone else was doing some chorse regardless of gender? Not offended at all because, wow who cares, but they apparently "wouldn't want any man they date to do that kind of stuff". I should note both of these women are single, and one of them, and I quote "I just want to find a man who can beat up my ex-husband, and fix my house." But she would be fully willing to do all of the stereotypical "womanly" duties around the house like cooking, dishes, laundry, etc, but expects the man to take care of money, the house, lawn, etc, "stereotypically manly stuff".

Some people, even young people, are still very much ingrained with gender stereotypes and gender roles when it comes to relationships, chores, and life. Perhaps the media is reinforcing that, perhaps it's them just catering to their market which they've researched thuroughly, or most likely it's a little of both instigating each others existence.