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kleinbl00  ·  86 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: GPHG's 2023 nominated timepieces

So the Piaget is a sautoir. There are certain styles of jewelry that the haute joaillerie world tries to make happen every five years yet the normies refuse to wear:

- Tiaras. It bums the jewelers out that they can't sell crowns anymore. I get it. There's a lot of room to design with a tiara. However, when you design modern tiaras to look like Edwardian tiaras you're kinda stuck. I don't know why nobody can go "cool thing that goes in your hair for occasions other than being married to Prince Charles" but they can't.

- Brooches. "Stop wearing pretty patterns, put on this large fashionable chunk of expensive metal and gemstones." I would say brooches are 4-5x overrepresented in most jewelers' repertoires, compared to how much they get worn. Jewelers would like us all to go to more formal balls. The existence of corsages demonstrates that we have that instinct for brooches, we just don't really have the society.

- Chatelaines. If you want to see a jewelry historian swoon, make a chatelaine. "Remember when a keychain cost more than the house it opened?" Cartier remembers.

Is it a trend? No, not really. It's sort of a modification of the classic "nurse's watch" which was hung upside down from your lapel so that you kept it out of the muck you worked with all day but when you needed to know the time, you could touch the back and flip it up at your face. But also kind of a sautoir. I dunno, Piaget to me has always been an off-brand Cartier.

    (speaking of - for ppl who own multiple watches for different outfits, how do you keep them all running? that's gotta be a bit of a chore)

That's a whole thing for automatics. Here's my favorite. There's also a raging discussion about whether it's better to leave them unwound or wind them occasionally or keep them wound etc etc etc. Thing is once you get there you're talking about ornamental objects that tell time only incidentally so it doesn't really matter. The question does end up less philosophical the more crazily complicated the watch, however. I mean for that VC&A maybe you pay somebody I don't know because correcting it so Jupiter is in the right place is no easy task.

That Bethune is probably the most normal-looking watch they've ever made. They're known for weirder.